September 23, 2012

Let The Fashion Week Begin

Dess: Sretsis
Bag: Tu'i

One of the most sensational things about new season for fashionistas like us is probably the fashion week that pops up at every corner of the world. New York, Paris, Milan, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, to name a few. I was lucky enough to attend the press conference of Bangkok' biggest fashion event, ELLE Fashion Week which will be held on the October 11 to 14. Here are a glimpse of the conference. And also a snap of what I was wearing. My bag, Avaloni from Tu'i was in the limelight since it was pretty much the only thing my friend was crazy about. Ostrich plume, darling. Tell me it isn't adorable. <3

14 shows in 4 days this October. The brands that would be featured are 27 FRIDAY / CURATED BY EK THONGPRASERT / HOOK’S BY PRAPAKAS / KEMISSARA / KWANKAO / MILIN / PAINKILLER / PLAYHOUND / PURINUTT / SENADA / SOMETHING BOUDOIR / THEATRE / THE CONTEMPORARIST BY OCAC / TU’I / VATANIKA / VATIT ITTHI. Stay tuned with Fashion Nectar for a real time updates from runway and prepared to be 'wow-ing' with the power of Thai designer. I know nothing gets you girls pumped like being the first to lead a fresh new trend. So don't leave the front row before the shows end. 

Stay pretty,

Sally N. 


  1. The bag is absolutely beautiful.
    You have a lovely blog, I followed gfc. :)
    Hope you check me out and follow back.


    1. Hii! I've followed you too! Thank you so much for the comment :) And keep up the good posts! ^^