September 13, 2012

Autumn Garden - Quirky Caps with Sweet Details

The moment I opened the paper bag, thoroughly painted with the logo 'JONG,' I mindlessly jumped up and down as I found this cute cap. And no, the reason I love it isn't because I got it for free (come on people!!) And also not because the designer is one of my dearest friend, Mee.

I love it purely because of the creativity, design, and daintiness she poured into her design. JONG has just recently established. The brand's sub line, 'JONG Pova' is a line that focuses on accessories. The debut collection, 'Autumn Garden,' is featuring the unique handmade cap, all hand-sewn, with a kicky touch of lace, stud, fur.

This is sand cemelia, a brown cap, spray-painted into a garden pattern she drew by herself, specially made for me as a present for my belated birthday. Much love for this hat and for Mee herself, of course. I cannot stretch enough how much this girl mean to me.

Please show some love to this local and independent talent at 

Jong Brand Facebook 
or instagram @jongbrand 

Because girl friends never let each other go. 
I'm sure you all will do anything for your bestie too, right girls?

Stay pretty,

Sally N.


  1. Very cute and unique hats!

    Ha, btw, I got a little confused at first when I scrolled down and saw all of your gadgets after the post! Thought my browser had done some kind of weird flip-flop, or something.

    1. Hahaha thank you honeyy <3 Yeah I rearrange it but I think but I think it looks a bit odd at the bottom -*-
      Do you think I should switch it back? Thank you for the input girllllll ^__^