August 13, 2012

Let Denim tone it down.

Ooh, I have been gone for a while, haven't I?

I know, I know, you are tired of I-have-been-busy-lately excuse and all that

But unfortunately, it's the only true reason I've got right now
Please forgive me ladies.


Well, back to business.
As a part of my job, a brand PR, I have to be out and meeting people quite often.
So that means dressing up, of course.

It's situation like this that we need to dress -- 
to communicate, to pay respectand to represent what we are meant to.

But sometimes, you don't have to go as far as a suit if it isn't very official and formal, right?
But you still need to looks smart, so where's the suitable point...?

So here's when 'DENIM' come in handy.

People say denim is off limit for work, but I'm gonna show you that there are ways around it ;)

2 looks!   I hope that can make it up to you.

Alright, ready? Let's go.. PR on duty!!

Look 1

For this first look, I paired the maroon turtle neck that gave the semi-formal feel with jeans.
Capri pattern that is a few inches above your ankle can give the illusion of longer legs, 
so I folded the jeans up a little to get that effect.

Then, with a help of a pair of formal black heels..
Voila, one semi-formal outfit that looks earnest but still appropriate :)

Why denim works on this working outfit?
You have to keep other parts simple and appropriate if you want to 
pair denim for formal occasion.

Here, the turtle neck, the bag, shoes, and the hairdo 
balanced the casualness of the jeans down.

Teamwork, ladies!

Look 2

For this look, I chose a simple LBD that has cute gimmick at the collar.
I could play safe and by pairing it with the nice blazer
but what's fun about that?
So I went with this denim vest I got from Korea.
It added the playful and boyish feel to this normal dress.
Kind of implicitly saying that you're full of energy and ready to work your ass off, don't you think? ^^

Why denim works on this working outfit?
LBD is a sufficient piece for working outfit. 
Adding a little something like this vest will add the fun 
but wouldn't overshadow the formal feel if you didn't go too far.

Stay pretty,

Sally N.

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