July 6, 2012

Next Chapter

Time does fly...

And before you know it, you've been forced to become a grownup already.


Hi, my fabulous readers!
I have 2 exciting news to update you guys. I feel like we haven't talked for ages!
Have we?

Anyway, first news first!
My commencement day was held last week.
After 18 years of education, it was literally time of our lives.
My good old friends and my family came to congratulate me.
Even my host family from the US came!
I was so happy seeing everyone on this big day

Here are few photos of me and my friends in our graduation gown :)

And of course, we all put an end to one thing for the beginning of another.

Guess what, I finally got a job!
From now on, I will be a PR for a bag and accessories brand, Tu'i.
(Pronounced Tu-ee)

I am so glad to be welcome to this small warmhearted family.
It has always been my dream to be in fashion industry
and this is a great opportunity for me to start off with!

I'd like to also introduce you our brand as well.
With elegant, exotic, and fun-yet-mature style, I'm sure it will get attention 
from some of you girls who are a fan of bold and glam-rock leather bag.


...Details with attitude...
The brand selects only high-quality exotic imported leather
all are hand-made by experienced local craftsmanship. 

The brand offers international shipping, 
so feel free to contact me if you are interested in any pieces.
I'll be reviewing the brand collection for you guys soon.

In the mean time,
please visit our site for the latest SS2012 collection
Tu'i Official Website

and "like" our facebook fanpage
Tu'i Facebook

Appreciate your supports :)

Stay pretty,

Sally N.


  1. Congrats on the job! Those bags are gorgeous!

  2. Congratulation on your commencement and getting I job, I know how exciting both can be! You and your friends look so beautiful in your graduation outfits too!

    1. Thank you dear : I'm very excited about these changes. Appreciate the supports!