June 3, 2012

Love Locked Down [Korea Trip Day 2]

Today, our destination was the famous N Seoul Tower.
At first I had my ankle  boots on in the morning. 
But after realizing that we would be be climbing some hills,
a pair of yellow flats were probably a better choice.

N Seoul Tower

The weather was quite chilly, so this is when 
my American Eagle jacket came in handy.
A pair of legging also keep my leg warm 
and the black also contrasted nicely with the yellow color as well :)

We walked until we couldn't feel our leg.
But it was worth it locking up the key of love up there.

May love get locked down for you all too.

Stay pretty,

Sally N.


  1. As usual looking really stylish!
    And your friends look awesome too!!
    The lock looks so pretty!
    I want to go to Korea too!!lol! :D

  2. Great pictures, and a gorgeous outfit!

  3. Is that a necklace, or is it sewn onto your shirt? What a cool look!