June 5, 2012

Happily Ever After [Korea Trip Day 3]

Today I woke up with the biggest smile on my face and the highest level of enthusiasm.
Because childhood is calling me...

Day 3: Everland Fun Park

One of my most favorite things to do (beside eating and sleeping) is to be a kid again.
Anything, really, that can take me back in time
when we had so much energy, imagination, and purity;
when the hectic world hadn't paint any colors on us yet.

Cotton candy is girl's best friend. Not diamonds!

And today was the day.
The castles, flowers, carousel, and cotton candy will make us feel alive again.

This was a perfect day to wear my colorful handmade 
hotpants I got from a flea market a month ago.
Since they are high-waist pants, I paired them with a short T 
to give a balance and emphasize the waistline.

T Express: The world's steepest wooden roller coaster.... I conquered it!!  

The park it job. I had fun since the the first step in until the last step out.
A whole day seemed like only an hour when we were that happy.

As we age, all the responsibilities and goals will keep us moving on with life.

But we won't forget to hold on tight to those little things 
that can keep a childish smile on our face.

And no, even we age, we will not grow old.

Stay pretty, young, wild, and free,

Sally N.


  1. You guys look awesome!
    Weee.....I want cotton candy too! <3

  2. It can be very rejuvenating and up lifting to visit your childhood for a day. I make it a point to never grow up, and always be full of youthful joy!

  3. Hi, happen to come across your website as i'm searching for hotels to stay in Seoul.
    Can share which hotel you stayed during your Seoul trip?
    Thanks in advance. :)

    1. Hi
      We went for a budget hotel called Picasso Hotel. It's pretty close to Myeongdong area. It looks really cheap outside but the room was pretty good (40" TV and Jacuzzitub!)

    2. Thanks Sally N for the reply. Okay, i will check out the hotel. :)