June 17, 2012

Guerrilla Girl: My mama told me to stay strong

I tribute this fashion editorial, Guerrilla Girl, from V Spain Magazine 
to all the strong girls out there. If you have a minute, please read my message :)


You know what my mom taught me when I was a mess 
after breaking up with my boyfriend?


She said,
"A charming girl is a girl that is capable of 
managing her life alone without relying on others."

After weeks of crying, something struck me,

We were brought to this world alone.
And will probably leave this life alone as well.

That's why we must learn to live happily on our own. 

 It doesn't mean we have to isolate ourselves.
It means we must master our live under any circumstances.

We must be able maintain mental and physical stability 
with or without others' presence.

Before you can live happily with others, 
you must be able to live happily with yourself first.

When you feel positive about yourself, 
no insecurity and frustration from your inner self 
will ever interrupt your relationship with others. 

That's the charm of independent woman.

So I give this fashion editorial to  all girls out there who have 
million reasons to break down and cry, 
but still manage to keep their heads up and say, 

"I am fine."

You're pure awesome.

And no one can bring you down if you don't let them.

Stay pretty,

Sally N.

Credit: V Spain #12 Spring 2012
Model: Edita Vilkeviciute


  1. the story of my life ^.^ xxoo thanks for posting this!

    1. Happy that my small article can brighten someone's day :) Already followed you back too. Please be stay pretty and strong. And keep up the good post! ^___^

  2. I LOVE this post - so true and poignant! I'll probably be linking to it at the end of the week so expect a few new visitors.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I've begun following and look forward to more posts :)


  3. stunning inspiration!


  4. Very inspirational post, and so true too! I see a lot of people who are not happy with themselves get in relationships thinking relying on the other person to make them feel complete and good about themselves. Of course, these kinds of relationship seldom work out simply because you have to love yourself first, and not rely on others to make you feel like you are a valuable human being.

    You've also hit on another little fetish of mine: military inspired fashion! I'd kill (no pun intended) for any of these outfits, especially the one in the third picture! I've actually been trying to find ways of incorporating a military style into my wardrobe, now I have some ideas *goes out to buy ammo belt*

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  8. อ่านแล้วกินใจมากน้ำหวาน T^T

    1. ดีใจที่เพื่อนชอบ สู้ๆนะโบว์ ไม่ว่าจะกำลังผ่านอะไรอยู่ก็ต้องสู้ๆ :)