June 25, 2012

Moschino: Feel the sunlight

Moschino's Resort 2013 collection really brought joyful feel to me since the first glance.

By this time, I'm pretty positive that all you fashionistas have seen 
the neon electric coทีlor trend all over the city.

I guess Moschino think it's not too late to get into the tide.

The collection features a pop of bold floral prints, especially the bright green

They can easily remind you of the rebirth of fresh leaves during spring.

The designer contrasts the bold colors with sleek and neat pattern
as seen in their cropped pants and well-trimmed dresses.

The entire collection gives out the scent of beach villa in Southern Europe,
which is probably the whole point of Resort collection.

To sum up why I love the collection

Playful color
Serious Pattern

 Very good combination, if you ask me.

Stay pretty,

Sally N.

June 17, 2012

Guerrilla Girl: My mama told me to stay strong

I tribute this fashion editorial, Guerrilla Girl, from V Spain Magazine 
to all the strong girls out there. If you have a minute, please read my message :)


You know what my mom taught me when I was a mess 
after breaking up with my boyfriend?


She said,
"A charming girl is a girl that is capable of 
managing her life alone without relying on others."

After weeks of crying, something struck me,

We were brought to this world alone.
And will probably leave this life alone as well.

That's why we must learn to live happily on our own. 

 It doesn't mean we have to isolate ourselves.
It means we must master our live under any circumstances.

We must be able maintain mental and physical stability 
with or without others' presence.

Before you can live happily with others, 
you must be able to live happily with yourself first.

When you feel positive about yourself, 
no insecurity and frustration from your inner self 
will ever interrupt your relationship with others. 

That's the charm of independent woman.

So I give this fashion editorial to  all girls out there who have 
million reasons to break down and cry, 
but still manage to keep their heads up and say, 

"I am fine."

You're pure awesome.

And no one can bring you down if you don't let them.

Stay pretty,

Sally N.

Credit: V Spain #12 Spring 2012
Model: Edita Vilkeviciute

June 13, 2012

Lego House: The Primary Shelter

You guys are probably familiar with my love of colors, especially the primary colors
Yellow, Blue, Red
They are fun, unique, and cannot be produced from the combination of others.

Yes, I'm all about independence and originality.

To wear all 3 colors together,
I advise you divide them into 50-30-20 portion to soften the overall look
and make it look less obvious.

I chose the yellow to take the lead here. 
The brightness and saturation already make a big statement 
without needing much help from others.

Then, the red followed to complement through secondary pieces like belt and bag.

And finally, I chose the softer shade of blue instead of royal blue from this vest 
because the red and yellow are already strong.

Et Voila! 
The primary colors outfit that catches everyone's eyes ;)

And don't they remind you of the Lego game in childhood?

That game was the best!

Stay pretty,

Sally N.

June 9, 2012

Delicate Tokens

Korea is such a feminine country, if you ask me. 
Judging from the style of clothes and accessories sold on most shopping streets,
they are really into pastel colors, flowers, lace, and anything considered cute. 

...which is fine by me.
I got so many reasons to lose my money with these keepers :)




It's always those small things that help us taking big step forwards

Stay pretty,

Sally N.

June 5, 2012

Happily Ever After [Korea Trip Day 3]

Today I woke up with the biggest smile on my face and the highest level of enthusiasm.
Because childhood is calling me...

Day 3: Everland Fun Park

One of my most favorite things to do (beside eating and sleeping) is to be a kid again.
Anything, really, that can take me back in time
when we had so much energy, imagination, and purity;
when the hectic world hadn't paint any colors on us yet.

Cotton candy is girl's best friend. Not diamonds!

And today was the day.
The castles, flowers, carousel, and cotton candy will make us feel alive again.

This was a perfect day to wear my colorful handmade 
hotpants I got from a flea market a month ago.
Since they are high-waist pants, I paired them with a short T 
to give a balance and emphasize the waistline.

T Express: The world's steepest wooden roller coaster.... I conquered it!!  

The park it job. I had fun since the the first step in until the last step out.
A whole day seemed like only an hour when we were that happy.

As we age, all the responsibilities and goals will keep us moving on with life.

But we won't forget to hold on tight to those little things 
that can keep a childish smile on our face.

And no, even we age, we will not grow old.

Stay pretty, young, wild, and free,

Sally N.

June 3, 2012

Love Locked Down [Korea Trip Day 2]

Today, our destination was the famous N Seoul Tower.
At first I had my ankle  boots on in the morning. 
But after realizing that we would be be climbing some hills,
a pair of yellow flats were probably a better choice.

N Seoul Tower

The weather was quite chilly, so this is when 
my American Eagle jacket came in handy.
A pair of legging also keep my leg warm 
and the black also contrasted nicely with the yellow color as well :)

We walked until we couldn't feel our leg.
But it was worth it locking up the key of love up there.

May love get locked down for you all too.

Stay pretty,

Sally N.

June 2, 2012

Seoul Searching [Korea Trip Day 1]

Before plunging into employment life after graduation,
me and my girls decided to recharge ourselves first.
And the best way to do so...?
Go all the way to the place far far away.

So here you go, a quick lookbook for my recent Korea Trip.
I was pretty serious about outfit for each day, just for you guys.

Enjoy :)

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Cats Living Cafe


Today is our cultural day, which mean we will be hitting tourist cultural attractions.
I decided to go with delicate feminine look 
by pairing a black tank top with maxi skirt.
But to leave that look just that would be plain boring, isn't it?
I added a red hat and shoulder bag for a little kick of color.
A chiffon scarf completed this look and also cover up my big chubby arms 
that grow from all the yummy food I ate T^T

I enjoyed today so much. We hit some famous streets, museum, and palace.
It would be much less fun without a well-prepared outfit.
Don't you think? ;)

Stay pretty,

Sally N.