May 14, 2012

Versatile Blogger Nomination

Hi beautifuls,
Today I just want to acknowledge and say thank you 
for being nominated for Versatile Blogger by 2 fabulous fellow bloggers

Champagn Star

Photo from Champagn's Star's Profile


Photo from Jax profile

They have nominated me a while a go so I have to apologize as well 
that I put this blog up quite delayed. 
I just got everything about graduation done (yay!) and now I'm back on an active mode.

Finding out that I'm being nominated also help fuel me to keep doing this
So again, thank you guys. It means a lot to me 
that what I say is being heard and what I do is being seen. 
After all, writing and fashion have always been my passions. 
I'll try to keep up cool posts and updates for all of my dear readers.

Thank you and stay pretty,

Sally N.

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