May 19, 2012

Scents of Summer [Guest Post by Brennan of Wayward Girl]

Hey there fabulous ladies.

You know nothing makes "fashion" happier than when it can bring fashionistas together.
So, I'm pretty sure it will be satisfied with a post today.

My dear fellow blogger, Brennan from Wayward Girl 

agreed to do a guest post for the this blog. 

Since summer is coming, we thought that it will be a good idea to put up some inspiration boards for summer looks.
And trust me, this girl know what she's doing ;)

Let's check the look out!


If I had to choose one thing I loved most about Fashion Nectar, it would have to be Sally's awesome personal style posts, the lady knows how to put together an outfit. 

That's why I decided to put two looks of my own together when she was sweet enough to let me guest post. The looks feature some of my favorite trends for the summer that are worth sprinkling through our closets. 


[via polyvore]

1. I haven't seen this much glitter sense New Years Eve 1999. This summer put on as much glam as you possibly can. I don't care if you're going out on the town or to the gym, the more sequins the better.

2. There are basic perennial staples that reemerge every season. Fall has plaid and spring has floral but this summer something silly happened. Leather dominated the Spring RTW runway which means, although it might be 100 degrees outside, don't be afraid to rock some leather shortie-shorts. 

3. That said, it is going to be a scorching summer so when you're brave enough to rock a metallic cardigan and motorcycle pants, feel free to pair them with a sheer, light tank.

4. Red pumps will always be stylish. The end. 

5. Maybe it was the massive international obsession with the Hunger Games, maybe it's just coincidence, but leather, metal, and weaponry-like statement jewelry are all right on-trend.


summer days

1. Crop tops are my absolute favorite trend for this summer. Maybe it's because I live in Texas and the summers here encourage as little clothing as possible, but whatever the reason, this summer we're all free to rock as many belly-button showcasing tops as we can fit in our closet. 

2. Every classy southern belle needs a big straw hat. Even if you're a city slicker from up north, big sun hats are perfect for days at the beach, mornings at the farmer's market, and poolside lounging. 

3. Any woman who can pull off high-waisted pants should do so in honor of the rest of us.

4. Although Jackie O, bug-eyed shades are slowly disappearing, vintage inspired sunglasses aren't going anywhere.

5. Not enough ladies rock scarves anymore. Tie it around your neck or wrap it around your head, either way, a silky scarf is the perfect feminine touch to any casual outfit. 

6. I'm obsessed with these shoes, that's all :)

Happy Fashionizing!

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