May 5, 2012

Emilio Pucci: Sharp as a Tack

After I first saw the entire collection of Emilio Pucci, my thought was, 
“I really need to write about this.” 
Yes, I really do.

Pucci brought the significance of “well-tailored” clothing 
that somehow has been neglected back to the latest fall 2012 runway. 
All details, from stitch of the inseam 
to the curvature of the skin-tight dress, have been taken care of. 

They chose formal-looking fabric such as leather, chiffon, 
and satin and combined them to create that sharp cocktail-party look.

The collection also features some masculine pieces, 
using tux with cropped high-waist trouser. 
With semi-casual business look, the outfit smartly implies that 
"This is what successful women will look like."

Personally, what I like most is the nude collection. 
The sharp tan leather cropped pants and out-of-nowhere nude fur could easily 
steal all the attentions from the audiences 
who are mad for simple-yet-classy style. 

So far, the super neat tailoring is still the main feature 
through out the entire collection.

The show built up itself to the end with the increasing length 
of dresses and the more formal look, just like most collections do.
I personally think the semi-see through black gown 
is a bit more stunning than the white finale gown. 
Even without a fur coat, it still managed to look quite elegant 
in a mysterious way, which can perfectly represent 
the characteristics of high-society ladies.

All in all, the collection is undeniably stunning and less predictable
 than most of its previous collections that usually feature original vivid prints. 
It's sharp, smart, and elegant. 
Pretty much what us women could possibly ask for.

Stay pretty,

Sally N.

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