May 13, 2012

Boyish Girl

Girls, have you ever wanted to be born as a boy?
Come on, I'm sure it's not just me.
Sometimes I'm just so fed up with all the social norms and cultural guidelines for "ladies,"
especially in Asian country like this. You have no idea how high context it is.

I know, being a girl has its bright side. 
But I still cannot let go of the fact that being a boy is much more fun.
You get to do so many more daring stuff that your mom 
wouldn't others wise let you do if you are a girl.

Even though, it's a little too late for us to be a boy now, 
(My mom is the one to blame, isn't she? lol)
we all know that with a little help from fashion, we can be a step closer to it.

Here, I pair my long-sleeve shirt with jean shorts
and add suspenders to give that  old-school boy look, 
alongside with masculine looking leather shoes

I love this look because it's casual, playful, 
and it can make me feel that I can have more fun with life.

So tell me girls
Say, if you were a boy for a day, what would you do?

Stay handsome, 

Sally N.


  1. Love the look. The suspenders make your outfit look really playful :)

  2. I love it :)

    I know what you mean with the whole being a boy thing. I guess they get a lot less prejudice and more freedom a lot of the time. If I were a boy for a day, I'd go out and talk to people, and see if they react to me differently.

    Something bad about being a boy though - they're not as pretty as we girls!

    1. Yeah they can't dress up and stay pretty like we do. That sucks for them lol

  3. I love this, I've literally just brought suspenders so i might give this look a go :)

  4. I think of being a boy every time I start to PMS, but anyway.. I really hate gender stereotypes and gender roles too. I like wearing masculine style clothes myself (like my vest and pants suit set), when I feel like bending the rules a little =^-^=