April 12, 2012

Who Wore the Pants?

Katherine Hepburn

Rosie the Riveter

Audrey Hepburn

Jane Birkin

The Rebellious Icons
The stories of style pioneers of the past who “wore the pants” when they weren’t supposed to…
By: Salila Narataruksa

“Well-behaved women seldom make history.”
This saying of Laurel Thatcher Ulrich can timelessly apply to most historical women; those who wore the free spirit, and refused to stay in line. Many women in the past, in order to rise, had to go through tough eras that dealt with the depressions, revolutions, wars, and even fashion restriction.
Terrifying, isn’t it?

There were a lot of “Don’ts” for ladies in the 19-20th century. Pants were also a pair of garment that was frowned upon by the society; just like other rights women weren’t granted. However, in the 20s, a group of fabulous women finally won us the “equality,” such as a right to vote and to marriage decision. That was when some girls realized that the freedom of fashion is also an equality issue as well.
And the fashion breakthrough started.

The following 4 style icons are the women who challenged the social approvals and made each style of pants become every girl’s closet staples. No, you don’t need a moment of silence to honor them. Just watch, and learn.

Break the norms like Katharine Hepburn

Energetic actress of the late 20’s who refused to step into any pieces but pants on set. Bold, wasn’t she? Hepburn’s style of pants is sleek and well-tailored masculine pants. Symbolize the equality of men and women. We adore how she pulled of the serious-looking trousers with high waist style and a stark white blouse that give the subliminal message of men power while emphasizing the women body.

Rock the Jeans like Rosie the Riveter

The fact that she was not an actual living celebrity doesn’t make her any less famous. Rosie the Riveter was the cultural figure of the female factory workers during the time of World War II, because all men were busy with guns and bombs during that time. That was the time when Jeans hit the street of the 40s, as portrayed in the propaganda poster of Rosie. The good old feminine dress wasn’t suitable for industrial works, so masculine baggy jeans were widely worn for the practicality. It was also a metaphoric way of the housewives of saying, “listen up pals, I’m taking over.”

Sweeten the Capri like Audrey Hepburn

The all-time definition of Hollywood beauty, Audrey Hepburn, had been the biggest style icon of the girls from the 50s. Her styles were timeless, sweet, and elegant. In the interests of Pants history, Hepburn made the Capri pants become another big fashion trend by pairing them with the feminine flats. It was boyish, yet sweet. This look became style phenomena of most girls as it can project two sides of conflicting persona, a playful boy and a sweet girl.

Stir the Hot pants like Jane Birkin

By the time of the 70s, trousers were already accepted, but shorts were still considered somewhat inappropriate. Nonetheless, Jane Birkin threw the cautions to the wind and put on the short shorts called “Hot pants.” The society went all crazy, either deeply loved or madly loathed. The appearance of Jane showing off her legs by pairing knee-high socks with these short and tight shorts at her concerts and in public quickly popularized this trend and made the Hot pants another symbolic piece of the 70s.

No matter what outfits you may wear, remember the rule; always adapt them to your inner self, because underneath any garments, there is your true personality that needs to shine through. 

The Rebellious Icons


I really had fun doing the photo shooting. Thanks to all my bitches and dudes who struggled through rain and Bangkok traffic to make this happen. You guys are the best!!

Photographers: Siviroon Srisuwan & Suwapach Thamavitkul
Styling: Sally N. & Mee Jong
Makeup & Hairdo: Mee Jong

Katharine Hepburn: Siri Luther
Rosie the Riveter: Paeng Chandravithun
Audrey Hepburn: Pamela Mulhern
Jane Birkin: Mee Jong

Thank you mates!!!

And thank you all you readers as well. Hope you enjoy it.


Stay pretty,

Sally N.


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