April 12, 2012

Wear Green Like. A. Boss.

Color color color! Without color, our closet would be so boring wouldn't it? The fact that I live in Thailand gives me an excuse to ignore the Fall/Winter trend all the brands are rolling out and still keep my closet quite colorful. But many girls out there are still afraid to wear bright and bold color since it's hard to match with other pieces. Well today, with a little bit of color theory, it will be easy like a piece of yummy cake. Starting with the hard one, the BOLD GREEN

Play Safe
If you don't want to start off too strong with this fun color, try pairing you green piece with "Neutral Color." These colors are the ones excluded from standard color wheel. For example, black, white, brown, grey, beige. They were born to match with pretty much any colors.

Photo from Zara Lookbook

Pairing your main piece with white or beige will help soften the green down but still leave that kicky look of the bold color. Easy, isn't it?

Get Edgy
If you want all eyes on you, go with "Complement Color." Complement color is the pair of color that are opposite to each other in the color wheel. In this case, it would be red.

Bold red is as strong as bold green, so putting them in all of your main piece would make the outfit look a bit too much. You don't want to look like a Christmas tree except when it's actually Christmas, don't you?

Pairing the red accessories with green clothes is the way to go. Putting on green shoes, makeup, bag, or scarf, while leaving another main piece neutral will easily add more dynamic to your over all outfit. Like A Boss.

Photo from Chictopia

Another way to have fun with edgy look of green is to pair it with the "Triad Color," or the ones that are lied up in triangle. They are, in our case, the pink and orange.

Go ahead and choose 1 of your main piece in green and another one in one of these colors if you are confident enough. Make sure they are in the same saturation level, otherwise they will look unmatched. But if you think it's too strong, apply the same tactic  as the red one.

 Photos from Chictopia

After all, confidence is all it takes to pull off anything. Fashion is a form of art, and if you're having fun doing it; then, you're doing it right... Simple as that ;)

Stay pretty,

Sally N.

Ps. This is  a re-published one for I accidentally delete the original. Sorry all the commentors!! >< 


  1. i love this! I'm never any good at matching bold colours in outfits so this has really helped! :)