April 27, 2012

The Awesome 70's

If I could befriend with 1 person from another era, I would choose anyone from the 70’s. The era of disco, hippie, political awareness, woman liberty, peace movements, and young souls...all the fun goodies.

...And don’t ever forget their fashion! (since it’s the content of this blog, obviously).

The revolutions took place in the era were signified through the emerging new trends such as women's edgy outfit and hippy’s cultures. Well, instead of listening to my boring history lecture, let’s steal their styles and have a little fun of our own, shall we?

Flower bomb
Vivid colors of flower prints significantly took over the decade, influenced by the hippie culture. They showed up on girls’ dresses, men’s shirts, shades...anywhere that they can be placed, really. Just a mini dress with big flower print can add you a datch of the good old 70’s.

Platform shoes
The disco culture alongside with pop and rock music somehow influenced this new trend of colorful platform shoes. They were sparkling, glamorous, and such an attention-seeker pair, but be careful, they were also responsible for a lot of injuries, mostly during the dance, apparently.

Flares/Bell-bottoms Pants
The funky-looking pants were one of the pop culture symbols of the era. Pairing them up with wide belt will give you the female’s body silhouette and make you look just like a groovy rockstar.

The very short high-waist shorts were very popular among young rebellious girls due to the fact that the skin-showing affairs weren’t so acceptable back in time.

To look exactly like 70’s girls, knee socks + kitten heels, or knee boots are the choices to go. But if you want a sweeter look, just a pair of cute flats will easily harmonize the sexiness of the pants.


Head scarf
Get that hippie-who-fights-for-peace look with a vivid head scarf. Be careful, when wearing it, you can either turn into a chic hippie or a sweet the-sound-of-music kinda girl, depending on how you wear it. To get our look, tie the scarf across middle forehead and fold it at the back. This piece can create quite a statement so you won’t need much of other busy outfit to complete the look.

Free-spirit attitude!
That’s the best part those guys! So wear their spirits. Don’t care what others have to say too much if you want to be happy. Think critically, live wisely, while being pretty and chic. Who says pretty and brain can’t come in the same package? Don’t ever let society manipulate you, promise? ;)

Alright girls, have fun with the fabulous 70’s looks and attitudes. I’m off to a graduation trip with my class now and will be back in a few days with updates...and photos!

Stay pretty,

April 19, 2012

Stressed, Depressed, but Well-dressed

Today I’m sick. So sick.
Korean BBQ last night knocked me down real nice… 

So here comes the food poisoning.

But since I’m an editor in chief of my class’ final project magazine, 
I have no choice but to show up.

So, once again, I need to use my good old motto that I and my friends take very seriously...

"No matter what happen, we must not look bruised."

Dressing up makes me feel a little better.

And fabulous pink shoes can pretty much cure anything, really!

I post this on Lookbook.nu. The more you hype, the faster I recover. >.<
That’s right! I’m gonna use my sickness for every excuse!  Ha!

Stay pretty, ... (and healthy too, apparently)

Sally N.

April 16, 2012

Christian Cota: In the Name of Native Soul

Coco once said, 
“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” 

This collection of Christian Cota that I’m loving fits right in such quote. I fell in love with the whole collection since I first saw it.

The thoroughness, exoticism, uniqueness, and unpredictability 
… what’s not to like?

The collection positions itself differently from others by focusing on Cota’s native Mexican blood through arts of painting, dyeing, and embroideries that give that feeling of warm tribal look. 

The indigenous details in each original print show careful craftsmanship of native hands that is second best to none.  Heavy fabric combined with unique prints and embroideries successfully complete the humble yet sophisticated winter look without needing any helps from overused fabrics like other runways.

The outcome of the collection? All agreed that Cota made a great comeback better than previous collections, since he has done most of the works by himself… as it can been proven by the messy paint and dye stained on his hands.

Finale dress ... Simply stunning ...

So the moral of the story...

If you put your heart in what you do, most likely, it will pay off…real nice ;)

All phtos from Style.com Check out full collection at 

Stay pretty,

Sally N.

April 15, 2012

Sunshine Day

This look goes way back when I was studying abroad in Singapore. My boyfriend came to visit and we went to "Arab Street," one of the most famous and culture-rich neighborhoods in Singapore. 

I chose this Maxi dress because it can give that exotic and indigenous feeling. Bright and colorful tones are the element that distinguishes Arabian culture from others, so I decided to indulge myself into the such culture through my outfits as well. 

Because dressing up is so much fun, that's why.

(And oh, that  day was one of my best days ever! Thanks to my baby who flew all the way ^_^)

Stay pretty,

Sally N.

April 14, 2012

Less is More: An Overused Phrase that Upsets Fashion

Photo via Lookbook.nu

Warning: This is going to be long, because I am trying to laying out my thoughts about the certain saying of fashion without coming off like a superficial chick. How should I put it?

Photo via Lookbook.nu

Here’s the thing. “Less is More,” is a great phrase from The Faultless Painter poem that’s quite genius in a way that it implies how we should embrace a simplicity of life. Don’t get me wrong, I am Buddhist and I admire the logic of this phrase. However, when it comes to fashion, I feel that this phrase sometimes come in a way of the safety-zone breakthrough for many girls, and leave them stuck with same old play-safe outfit.

Photos via Lookbook.nu and Chictopia

Fashion is supposed to be a form of communication. It communicates who you are, how you feel, or what your values are. All in all, fashion is one of the easiest ways to have fun in your daily life. Yes, less is more, yet sometimes, less is plain boring. Be careful when you apply this idea, it’s cool if you actually believe in it. But many just use it as an excuse to cover up an insecurity of actually putting on what they want. There’s a difference there.

Sorry if it’s a little harsh, but I JUST WANT YOU TO LET IT GO AND HAVE FUN!!

Photo via Pinterest

Our lifespan is too short, girls. Today we live, who knows if tomorrow we will also do? It’s not every day that we can accomplish the great goal of your life, but it’s every day that we have to wake up and repeat the same daily routine, so why not make it a little more satisfying? If you feeling like wearing your yellow dress with pink heels today, do it! If you really feel like wearing your polka dot pants with metallic top, there’s always a way to mix them up. Sorry, but I don’t believe in any fixed rules of fashion. If you feel right; then it’s right. Just follow your instinct!

Photo via Lookbook.nu

If Less is More really represents your style, well go ahead, you would just look fabulous in it if your personality is complemented. But, for the sake of fashion, girls, don’t use it for an excuse. If you’re wearing a plain T and jeans with a little voice in your head screaming for a leather skirt, maybe it’s time to follow that voice. Find a way to rock it. There are plenty of fashion sources out there that can give you mix&match tips. You will feel much better once you break through that line and get all eyes on you.
It’s a win-win situation.

You’re happy; and fashion is satisfied…

My job here is done ;)

Stay pretty,

Sally N. 

April 13, 2012

Sweetened Life

I'm not really into a sweet girly style, normally. But my boyfriend was coming over to visit me when I was studying abroad...and he loves it when I wear skirt, so I decided to give it an exception. Just a bit of sugary dose wouldn't hurt, would it?

Stay pretty,

Sally N.

April 12, 2012

Who Wore the Pants?

Katherine Hepburn

Rosie the Riveter

Audrey Hepburn

Jane Birkin

The Rebellious Icons
The stories of style pioneers of the past who “wore the pants” when they weren’t supposed to…
By: Salila Narataruksa

“Well-behaved women seldom make history.”
This saying of Laurel Thatcher Ulrich can timelessly apply to most historical women; those who wore the free spirit, and refused to stay in line. Many women in the past, in order to rise, had to go through tough eras that dealt with the depressions, revolutions, wars, and even fashion restriction.
Terrifying, isn’t it?

There were a lot of “Don’ts” for ladies in the 19-20th century. Pants were also a pair of garment that was frowned upon by the society; just like other rights women weren’t granted. However, in the 20s, a group of fabulous women finally won us the “equality,” such as a right to vote and to marriage decision. That was when some girls realized that the freedom of fashion is also an equality issue as well.
And the fashion breakthrough started.

The following 4 style icons are the women who challenged the social approvals and made each style of pants become every girl’s closet staples. No, you don’t need a moment of silence to honor them. Just watch, and learn.

Break the norms like Katharine Hepburn

Energetic actress of the late 20’s who refused to step into any pieces but pants on set. Bold, wasn’t she? Hepburn’s style of pants is sleek and well-tailored masculine pants. Symbolize the equality of men and women. We adore how she pulled of the serious-looking trousers with high waist style and a stark white blouse that give the subliminal message of men power while emphasizing the women body.

Rock the Jeans like Rosie the Riveter

The fact that she was not an actual living celebrity doesn’t make her any less famous. Rosie the Riveter was the cultural figure of the female factory workers during the time of World War II, because all men were busy with guns and bombs during that time. That was the time when Jeans hit the street of the 40s, as portrayed in the propaganda poster of Rosie. The good old feminine dress wasn’t suitable for industrial works, so masculine baggy jeans were widely worn for the practicality. It was also a metaphoric way of the housewives of saying, “listen up pals, I’m taking over.”

Sweeten the Capri like Audrey Hepburn

The all-time definition of Hollywood beauty, Audrey Hepburn, had been the biggest style icon of the girls from the 50s. Her styles were timeless, sweet, and elegant. In the interests of Pants history, Hepburn made the Capri pants become another big fashion trend by pairing them with the feminine flats. It was boyish, yet sweet. This look became style phenomena of most girls as it can project two sides of conflicting persona, a playful boy and a sweet girl.

Stir the Hot pants like Jane Birkin

By the time of the 70s, trousers were already accepted, but shorts were still considered somewhat inappropriate. Nonetheless, Jane Birkin threw the cautions to the wind and put on the short shorts called “Hot pants.” The society went all crazy, either deeply loved or madly loathed. The appearance of Jane showing off her legs by pairing knee-high socks with these short and tight shorts at her concerts and in public quickly popularized this trend and made the Hot pants another symbolic piece of the 70s.

No matter what outfits you may wear, remember the rule; always adapt them to your inner self, because underneath any garments, there is your true personality that needs to shine through. 

The Rebellious Icons


I really had fun doing the photo shooting. Thanks to all my bitches and dudes who struggled through rain and Bangkok traffic to make this happen. You guys are the best!!

Photographers: Siviroon Srisuwan & Suwapach Thamavitkul
Styling: Sally N. & Mee Jong
Makeup & Hairdo: Mee Jong

Katharine Hepburn: Siri Luther
Rosie the Riveter: Paeng Chandravithun
Audrey Hepburn: Pamela Mulhern
Jane Birkin: Mee Jong

Thank you mates!!!

And thank you all you readers as well. Hope you enjoy it.


Stay pretty,

Sally N.

Wear Green Like. A. Boss.

Color color color! Without color, our closet would be so boring wouldn't it? The fact that I live in Thailand gives me an excuse to ignore the Fall/Winter trend all the brands are rolling out and still keep my closet quite colorful. But many girls out there are still afraid to wear bright and bold color since it's hard to match with other pieces. Well today, with a little bit of color theory, it will be easy like a piece of yummy cake. Starting with the hard one, the BOLD GREEN

Play Safe
If you don't want to start off too strong with this fun color, try pairing you green piece with "Neutral Color." These colors are the ones excluded from standard color wheel. For example, black, white, brown, grey, beige. They were born to match with pretty much any colors.

Photo from Zara Lookbook

Pairing your main piece with white or beige will help soften the green down but still leave that kicky look of the bold color. Easy, isn't it?

Get Edgy
If you want all eyes on you, go with "Complement Color." Complement color is the pair of color that are opposite to each other in the color wheel. In this case, it would be red.

Bold red is as strong as bold green, so putting them in all of your main piece would make the outfit look a bit too much. You don't want to look like a Christmas tree except when it's actually Christmas, don't you?

Pairing the red accessories with green clothes is the way to go. Putting on green shoes, makeup, bag, or scarf, while leaving another main piece neutral will easily add more dynamic to your over all outfit. Like A Boss.

Photo from Chictopia

Another way to have fun with edgy look of green is to pair it with the "Triad Color," or the ones that are lied up in triangle. They are, in our case, the pink and orange.

Go ahead and choose 1 of your main piece in green and another one in one of these colors if you are confident enough. Make sure they are in the same saturation level, otherwise they will look unmatched. But if you think it's too strong, apply the same tactic  as the red one.

 Photos from Chictopia

After all, confidence is all it takes to pull off anything. Fashion is a form of art, and if you're having fun doing it; then, you're doing it right... Simple as that ;)

Stay pretty,

Sally N.

Ps. This is  a re-published one for I accidentally delete the original. Sorry all the commentors!! ><