March 28, 2012

New article on style icons and fashion set to be expected! Very soon!

I'm gonna get to direct my own set of photo shooting soon!

Here's the thing, my schedule has been $%#&*!!@#*$*%>?$#@!..... lately. You know what I mean.

So I apologize if the blog has barely been blogged for these couple days.
But the new one is coming soon. 

And it's going to be awesome!

I just finished an article for my final project of Magazine class at the college.
It's about 5 styles icons who put on the pants when they weren't really supposed to.

You know, those times when women were meant to be in the kitchen and make a sandwich only.

Their stories and styles will be explored. Plus, the Then and Now fashion set!

Next week is going to be the photo shoot session for this article. 

Do expect the timeless beauty that will be adapted to my living models. 

A little teaser photo of Katherine Hepburn in the studio 
with Cary Grant, wearing the male trousers.  What a hipster!

Can't wait to get mingled with these fashion affairs!

Stay tuned and stay pretty as always,

Sally N.

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