March 30, 2012

Bluemarine: The Flying Free Spirit

The are many collections of this season that I adore, yet none can strike me with surprise like Bluemarine's Fall 2012 ready to wear collection.

The colors.
The fabrics.
The patterns.

Just the opening Fluorescent Mongolian fur coats can make the crowd marvel. But that wasn't all. Then there came the wave of futuristic and edgy outfits, featuring metallics, holograms, iridescence, fur, leopard prints, and all things shiny.

The designer, Anna Molinari, seems to throw the caution of conventional matching rules to the wind and just have fun by mixing and mingling all the goodies together. 

From fur with metallic fabric, leopard print with "different specie" of another leopard print, and the print with iridescent colors.

The appearance of  5 ordinary black dresses also surprise me a bit, but the brand doesn't forget to jazz those dresses up with black metallic boots. Word can't probably describe as much as photos. Judge them by yourself.

The Finale -- Metallic - Print - Iridescent --- All in one!

The show seems to be quite well-received. So I guess the moral of the story is...

In fashion, The golden rule is..."there is no freakin' rule!!"

Check out the full collection at

Stay pretty,
Sally N.


  1. Love the pink, white & blue outfits very classy. I love the fur !! Heather

  2. I agree! The colors in this collection are so vibrant!

    1. I know right? Those neon colors are so in right now. I've seen them everywhere!

  3. lol I absolutely agree and love it the same time!

    1. Glad you like it!!! Feel free to follow and I'll keep these trendy posts coming! Thank you so much for your comment ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Yes thought so! I'd die to get that pink one! haha

  5. I love the colors! very cool stuff ^^

    -Miss H